Vintage Supermarket Dish Purchases

One of the things I’m constantly attracted to are supermarket dishes. Starting in the 1950s, supermarkets had promotional dish sets to attract housewives to their stores. Each week you’d go in and there’d be a different part of the set of dishes or maybe a different patten. These were popular for quite awhile – maybe for a good three decades. I remember going to the supermarket with my mom back in the early 1980s and her picking up an extra set of dishes for the house.

These dish sets were quite the collectors items. People remember growing up with those sets and nostalgia has made them collectors items once again. Some of the more popular ones (and my personal favorites) are from the 1950s and early 1960s. They were usually produced by Royal China or Marcrest. Patterns such as Blue Heaven, Star Glow and Blue Spruce have a huge following and I can understand why. Their patterns are timeless and just as cool today as they were 50+ years ago.

Take a look at these ads to see how they were sold. If only we could buy such cool dishes for 99 cents today!