Fire King Primrose Pattern

One of my favorite patterns by Fire King is the Primrose pattern. It features flowers in red and pink on stems in grey, with grey and black leaves on white milk glass. What I love about this pattern is how versatile and feminine it is. The pattern and colors allow the retro, shabby chic style of this dish ware to match a variety of decor.

The Primrose pattern was produced by Fire King’s Anchor Hocking in the early 1960s. These were produced for everyday use, rather than just special occasion use.

Pictured are several sets of Anchor Hocking’s Primrose kitchenware. There are several baking dishes – two rectangular baking dishes and a circular baking dish. There is also a set four snack trays and four cups. The trays have handles on each end for easy carrying and little indentations in the corner in which to sit your cup.

Pyrex Mixing Bowls

It seems my luck that I can never find a full set of Pyrex mixing bowls, or if I do, it’s at above what I’d typically charge for them.

Pyrex and Other Bowls

I’ve developed quite the love for vintage Pyrex as of late. Now any time I see vintage Pyrex or anything that resembles it, I cannot help but pick it up. While I collect them to sell to others, I dream of getting somewhere early enough to pick up a set of Pyrex mixing bowls, preferably the polka dot set. This set in particular reminds me of being a child and sneaking cookie dough or cake batter when my mom wasn’t looking. She’d always mix it in the Pyrex polka dot set she had. Now she’s only down to one and I’d feel bad taking it from her.

One set I did stumble across is really cute. It includes four vintage Pyrex small bowls, perfect for putting in nuts or dips or even ice cream if you have self-control. While it’s no longer red, it’s faded into an almost tye-dye looking hot pink, without looking damaged. It looked so natural that I wasn’t sure if that was the original color or not. Alas, it wasn’t but they’re still quite lovely. I’ve got it up on Etsy.






Another set I found only includes two bowls. They aren’t Pyrex ware. The symbol on the bottom lead me to believe that they’re from Anchor Hocking. Beautiful aqua-colored scalloped bowls also great for dips or nuts. These already sold but I just have to show them anyway.