Fire King Primrose Pattern

One of my favorite patterns by Fire King is the Primrose pattern. It features flowers in red and pink on stems in grey, with grey and black leaves on white milk glass. What I love about this pattern is how versatile and feminine it is. The pattern and colors allow the retro, shabby chic style of this dish ware to match a variety of decor.

The Primrose pattern was produced by Fire King’s Anchor Hocking in the early 1960s. These were produced for everyday use, rather than just special occasion use.

Pictured are several sets of Anchor Hocking’s Primrose kitchenware. There are several baking dishes – two rectangular baking dishes and a circular baking dish. There is also a set four snack trays and four cups. The trays have handles on each end for easy carrying and little indentations in the corner in which to sit your cup.

Hall Monterey Green Gold Label Casserole Dish

Here’s a piece I found at an estate sale in an old mansion in a now semi-derelict area. I couldn’t pass on the classic look of gold on mint green that’s just as stylish today as it was when it was initially produced. A quick look on the bottom showed that it was produced by Hall China Company.

Hall (sometimes referred to as Hall’s) started in Ohio in the early 1900s. They started a process that emulated pottery made in China during the Ming Dynasty. This technique – a single fire process – created a durable, non-porous pottery that wouldn’t craze. Over the years, Hall produced a variety of kitchen and cookware.

This particular Hall piece is one of the more rare Hall China pieces and likely produced in the 1930s. This piece is referred to as the Monterey Green Gold Label Casserole Dish. It is mint green with gold embellishments. Floral squares circle the dish in a checkered pattern. The lid has a leafy pattern that circles it. It also has a gold trim that circles it, along with a gold knob. There is a mark on the underside to authenticate this dish. It reads “Hall’s Superior Quality Kitchenware” in a gold box. Over the box it reads “76” and underneath “Made in USA 09.1 GL.”